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Sampling Division

In support of experimental research, CESE applies the latest approaches to environmental monitoring and assessment for subsurface, atmospheric, and water quality studies.

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Organics Division

The Organics Division identifies and quantifies trace organic compounds in water, soil, sediment, and tissue at the part-per-billion (ppb) level using EPA, NOAA, and Center developed methods. CESE’s most recent instrument acquisition is a Waters Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatograph with a Tandem Mass Spectrometer (UPLC/MS/MS).

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Nutrients Division

The Nutrients Division determines concentrations of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, silica, and carbon constituents in fresh, brackish, and saline water samples, as well as in solid matrices, including air filters. CESE’s most recent instrument acquisitions include a Lachat QuikChem 8500 and the Shimadzu TOC-L total organic carbon analyzer.

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Metals Division

The Metals Division analyzes trace elements in water, soil/sediment, tissue, and filters at the part-per-billion (ppb) level, using EPA, NOAA, and in-house methods,. This laboratory also houses an advanced mercury analytical facility that includes two atomic fluorescence systems, including one with mercury speciation capabilities, contained within a clean room.

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Business Services

The Business Office manages grants for researchers from academic departments across the University of Connecticut. CESE staff assists with the preparation of proposals, including budgets and other required documents, to ensure a smooth proposal review by the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) and a timely submission to the sponsor. Staff also works with OSP to answer questions and help resolve issues that arise during the review.

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Biofuels Division

CESE tests and certifies biofuel for commercial use in CT and the Northeast. This facility provides researchers, producers, distributors, and retailers with valid and certified testing services, using ASTM and EN protocols.

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