What We Do

COR²E is the old Biotechnology/Bioservices Center renamed, transformed, expanded, and just generally better! Fundamentally, we promote and support the growth of research at UConn by serving the University’s world-class research faculty (as well as the rest of the UConn community).

How We Do It


We manage a growing number of essential and state-of-the-art core research facilities, and provide assistance in the management of many others across the University.


We provide portals (e.g., the site you’re on) into all research resources available to the University community.


We sponsor events/activities that bring faculty together and break down academic silos.


We build awesome interactive web software.


Dan Schwartz



In addition to living in [squared labs], sometimes literally, Dan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology & Neurobiology where his lab works on finding patterns in protein sequences. Though his background is in developing experimental and software-based technologies for molecular biologists, since taking the BBC/COR²E directorship position in the summer of 2015, Dan has become extremely passionate about using software, analytics, and cutting-edge research equipment to support and grow research at UConn. Dan also currently serves as the Executive Director of Strategic Analytics and Initiatives in the Office of the Vice President for Research, where he has most recently been involved in building UConn's research and innovation capacity in Stamford.


Jeremy Balsbaugh

Associate Director


Jeremy has over 15 years of mass spectrometry-based research experience.  Following completion of his dissertation titled "Studies in Protein Post-Translational Modification using CAD and ETD Mass Spectrometry", he joined Natalie Ahn's laboratory at the University of Colorado at Boulder for a post-doctoral research appointment focused on applying Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry and additional biochemical analysis to study the relationship between structure and function in various enzymes. Jeremy served the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry as Director of the Central Analytical Laboratory and Mass Spectrometry Core Facility from 2014 - early 2017 before joining the research community at UConn.

As a member of COR²E, it is Jeremy's goal to bring his expertise and state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based technologies to the University of Connecticut, UConn Health, and the Connecticut public and private research communities at large.  Contact Jeremy directly for more information on beginning your future project.


Cindy Doherty

Program Specialist


Cindy has extensive experience working for corporate industry, education, and non-profit organizations. She helps keep everything running smoothly with COR²E including website content, CIDER, employment, and invoicing. If you have any COR²E questions reach out to Cindy. We're extremely fortunate she’s on our team.

Contact Us

Here's a (non-comprehensive) list of reasons to contact us (emails above):

  • You believe in what we do and want to donate money to us.
  • You know of a research resource that should be included on this website.
  • You have ideas for how to make research better at UConn.
  • You wish UConn had a website that did ________.
  • You are a phenomenal programmer and want to join the team!
  • You need help finding research opportunities and finding collaborators.
  • You want us to write your grants for you (kidding 😉 )

We are located in room G01 the Biology/Physics Building (BPB), located at 91 North Eagleville Road in Storrs, CT 06269. Parking is available in North Garage. You will enter BPB through the Gant Science Complex and find us at the end of a long tunnel of construction plastic. Luckily, Up & Atom cafe is next door with delicious coffee and treats.


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