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University Library

There are 5 resources offered by this Center.

The Library is an active partner in shaping the future of research at UConn, providing a suite of services, resources, and tools to enhance the impact of our research and scholarship.

Research Data Services

Effectively managing your research data can increase the pace of the research process, contribute to the soundness of research results, help meet funder requirements, and make research easy to share and discover.

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Greenhouse Studios

Greenhouse Studios | Scholarly Communications Design at the University of Connecticut solves the problems and explores the opportunities of scholarship in the “digital age.” A transdisciplinary collective, Greenhouse Studios reframes the practices, pathways and products of scholarly communications through design-based, inquiry-driven, collaboration-first approaches to the creation and expression of knowledge.

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Archives & Special Collections

Archives & Special Collections (ASC) houses rare books, manuscripts, the university’s archives, and other materials that need special care and housing. ASC is open to the public.

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MicroCT Imaging Facility

The UConn Health MicroCT Imaging Facility provides core services of 3D imaging and quantitation. High-resolution X-ray computed microtomography (microCT) is available for excised specimens or live rodents. Calibrated to bone mineral phantoms, accurate measures of bone architecture and density can be obtained using our catalog of standard and custom algorithms.

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