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Clinical Research Center (CRC)

There are 6 resources offered by this Center.

The Clinical Research Center (CRC) supports investigators in their patient-oriented research by offering study-related services through its internal cores. These cores ensure that clinical trials are carried out safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Research Informatics Core

The Research Informatics Core has provided investigators with expertise and resources related to database management through cutting-edge technology and special applications. It enables new investigators who are without access to sophisticated computer capabilities and/or personnel to devise an efficient, integrated data management system in anticipation of data collection. The availability of knowledgeable informatics staff greatly facilitates data management for these individuals.

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Clinical Core

The Clinical Research Center (CRC) provides support across the full spectrum of patient-oriented research and is the cornerstone for clinical research at UConn Health. Our staff can provide investigators with the resources they need and help make it easier to get and stay engaged in research. CRC support is available to all UConn Health researchers who have a need for CRC resources and who will conduct clinical research of scientific merit. Examples of what the CRC Clinical Core can provide are as follows: assistance with preparing IRB submissions, screening and recruitment, conducting study visits, sample processing/storage/shipping, investigational drug administration and informatics. Studies funded by federal sources, foundations, industry and other sources are welcome. CRC collaborates with UConn Health’s Office of Clinical and Translational Research (OCTR) to navigate the intricacies of budget and contract negotiations as well as the complexities of research financial compliance. Investigators are encouraged to contact the Clinical Core Nurse Manager to discuss the process for requesting CRC resources and the particular needs of their study. The CRC is dedicated to continuing to foster and optimize clinical research at UConn Health.

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Bone Density Core

Bone Density Core This service provides infrastructure for bone mineral density and body composition measurements. Services are available to investigators interested in the analysis of bone and body composition. All measurements can be performed in adult and pediatric populations. Measurements are performed by a single bone densitometry technologist, thereby maximizing reproducibility. Visit Facility Homepage Contacts…

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Administrative Core

The Administrative Core offers services to principal investigators with Clinical Research Center studies and to research subjects participating in those studies. The Administrative Core is available to assist investigators with the application process for CRC resources, schedule project initiation meetings, monitor resource usage, and maintain essential administrative records for the study and the institution.

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Dental Clinical Research Center (DCRC)

The Dental Clinical Research Center (DCRC) is a state-of-the-art center that supports oral health clinical research at UConn Health. The mission is to facilitate clinical research efforts of all faculty, as well as to encourage research collaborations among biomedical fields at UConn Health.

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Core Laboratory

The CRC Core Lab offers investigators access to reliable and validated assays of biological macromolecules. The lab focuses on measurements not typically available in the hospital’s clinical or reference laboratories.

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