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School of Engineering

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The School of Engineering research centers and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities foster research excellence by providing investigators access to outstanding equipment and technical support staff. Research capabilities can be broadly classified into the following four interdisciplinary areas: Advanced Manufacturing & Materials; Sustainability, Energy, & the Environment; Security & Infrastructure; and Biomedical Engineering & Genomics.

Connecticut Cybersecurity Center (C3)

The Connecticut Cybersecurity Center (C3) leverages the synergies existing in CHASE, CSI, and VoTeR to investigate, develop, promote, and nurture the best hardware and software based security practices for indispensible defense and commercial (e.g., insurance, telecommunications) application domains and, in particular, for emerging fields such as mobile device security.

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Center for Clean Engineering (C2E2)

The Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2) is a multi-disciplinary research center that provides leadership in education, research and innovation of clean and efficient energy systems. C2E2 has assembled advanced energy materials and testing capabilities to support research ranging from energy conversion to fuels to power management. These capabilities are currently being provided to the UConn faculty and students to support ongoing research in all facets of energy and energy related research.

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