Plant Diagnostic Laboratory

Plant Diagnostic Laboratory

The UConn Plant Diagnostic Laboratory diagnoses plant problems including diseases, insect pests and abiotic causes. Special services offered through the diagnostic lab include extraction and quantification of plant parasitic nematodes from soil or plant material and ELISA testing for plant viruses and other pathogens.


General Contact


Campus Address

Storrs Campus

Mailing Address

1380 Storrs Road, Unit 4115
Storrs CT 06269-4115

Services & Rates


Image Identification

Insect or plant, with diagnosis.  Send images to or



Plant Sample Submission App

Identification and diagnosis.  The Plant Sample Submission App, developed in cooperation with Purdue and other universities, is supported by the UConn Plant Diagnostic Lab.  The download is free and is available for iPhone and iPad from the app store.  If UConn is the selected lab in the app, submissions, including information & images, go directly to the UConn diagnostician’s email.  You will receive a response within 1-2 business days.



Andor Spinning Disk/TIRF

A few tests require additional fees (such as some virus tests).