Cell and Genome Engineering Core

Cell and Genome Engineering Core

Established in 2006, the University of Connecticut (UConn) Cell and Genome Engineering Core (formerly Stem Cell Core ) has substantially contributed to the Connecticut stem cell initiative by providing a central source of technologies and materials for research on human pluripotent stem cells: embryonic stem cells (hESC) and induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC). The Stem Cell Core is a collaborative effort. Genome Editing, and Pluripotent Stem Cell Reprogramming are currently located at the UConn Health campus in Farmington. The UConn Stem Cell Core is funded by UConn and Connecticut State Stem Cell Research Program. With these crucial services, many Connecticut researchers have developed novel approaches to addressing fundamental biological questions and tackling deleterious disease.


General Contact

Email: ucscicore@uchc.edu

Carmichael-Cell and Genome Engineering Core

Gordon Carmichael, Ph.D.

Director, Cell and Genome Engineering Core

Professor of Genetics and Genome Sciences



Yaling Liu

Research Assistant

Christopher Stoddard

Research Associate


Reprogramming Services

Please contact Yaling Liu ucscicore@uchc.edu for quotes and pricing

We provide integration-free reprogramming services using Sendai virus or episomal delivery method. Tissue samples accepted include skin fibroblast, peripheral blood, cord blood, PBMCs, and cells cultured from urine.  Reprogramming can be done on feeder containing conditions or
feeder independent conditions.


Please contact Christopher Stoddard, stoddard@uchc.edu for quotes and pricing


Custom TALEN Design

Services include:

  • Generation of TALEN and sequencing
  • Verification of TALEN
    • In-Vitro or In-Vivo expression on exongenous DNA
    • In-Vivo expression on genomic locus

Custom CRISPR Design

Services include:

  • CRISPR construction and sequencing
  • Validation
    • In-Vitro or In-Vivo on exogenous DNA
    • On genomic loci

Vectors for Targeting

Services include:

  • Generation of targeting vector
  • Endo-free DNA prep for targeting
  • Linearization of targeting vector
  • Design and ordering of single stranded ligo for targeting vector

Cell Culture Services

This service can be used to perform cell targeting experiments, selection and genotyping of resistant clones, expansion and freeze of positive cells clones. Cells are targeted by electroporation and plated to perform selection with antibiotics. Number of clones from any targeting experiment can vary widely so fee structure is based upon a per clone basis.



Consultation to discuss a potential project is available at no charge.  Following a consultation, a project outline can be developed and a custom quote made for your particular project.  There are many custom applications of these technologies that can be used for many experiment types.

Campus Address

Cell and Genome Sciences Building
UConn Health

Mailing Address

UConn Health
Cell and Genome Engineering Core
400 Farmington Avenue
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