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Center for Advanced Microscopy and Materials Analysis

Center for Advanced Microscopy and Materials Analysis (CAMMA)

The UConn Thermo Fisher Scientific Center for Advanced Microscopy and Materials Analysis (CAMMA) is a partnership between Thermo Fisher Scientific and the University of Connecticut. This center involves the use of Thermo Fisher Scientific instrumentation to analyze various materials. Both scanning and transmission electron microscopies (SEM and TEM) are used in CAMMA. 



Steven Suib, Ph.D.

Director of the Institute of Materials Science


Campus Address

Innovation Partnership Building
Storrs Campus

Mailing Address

159 Discovery Drive
Storrs, CT 06269


Thermo Aspex
Thermo Teneo
Thermo Verios
Thermo Tecnai
Thermo Talos
Thermo Themis
Thermo Nanolab
Thermo Strata
Thermo PFIB