JAX-UConn Single Cell Genomics Center

JAX-UConn Single Cell Genomics Center

The Jackson Laboratory Single Cell Biology Laboratory develops and offers single cell capabilities to UConn investigators. The Single Cell Genomics Center works closely with the JAX-GM Flow Cytometry and JAX-GM Genome Technologies in implementing single cell workflows from tissue sample to sequence and assists in the implementation of single cell-specific bioinformatics workflows with JAX-GM Computational Sciences.


General Contact

For inquiries into using the services of this Center, please send an email to SCBLservice@jax.org.



Paul Robson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Director


Campus Address

Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine

UConn Health Center, Farmington

Mailing Address

10 Discovery Drive
Farmington, CT 06032



Chromium System (10X Genomics Inc)

A droplet-based single cell RNA-seq system capable of running 8 samples in parallel and generating ~6,000 single cell transcriptomes per sample. More details can be found here.


Drop-Seq Experiment Instrumentation

The lab has all necessary equipment (syringe pumps, microscope) to successfully run Drop-seq experiments as described in Macosko et al. (2015). Highly Parallel Genome-wide Expression Profiling of Individual Cells Using Nanoliter Droplets. Cell, 161:1202.


Helios™ Mass Cytometer, a CyTOF System (Fluidigm)

Helios™ is the latest generation (3rd) of the CyTOF® mass cytometer system. It is designed to analyze metal-tagged antibodies in cells suspended in solution (similar to a flow cytometer) but can detect up to 35-40 epitopes simultaneously.


Hyperion™ Laser Ablation Module (Fluidigm)

The Hyperion™ is a separate laser ablation module that can be connected to Helios™ to analyze metal-tagged antibodies in tissue. This, in essence, provides a highly multiplexed (up to 37 antibodies) immunohistochemistry platform with a resolution of 1 um. The first publication to describe this approach is Giesen et al. (2014). Highly multiplexed imaging of tumor tissues with subcellular resolution by mass cytometryNature Methods11:417.


C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System (Fluidigm)

A microfluidic chip system that captures individual cells (up to 96 in parallel) and permits automated processing through a series of on-chip molecular steps. Can be used in single cell RNA-seq, single cell ATAC-seq, and other multi-omic approaches.


BioMark HD System (Fluidigm)

A high throughput real-time PCR system amenable to use in single cell studies.


ABSL-2 Cell/Tissue Culture

Equipped for cell dissociations on site prior to analysis by single cell approaches.


Echo 525 Liquid Handler (Labcyte)

A liquid handler that moves liquid by sound (acoustic liquid handling) in 25 nl droplets thus greatly reducing the volumes required in various single cell library preparation protocols.