Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility recognizes the important role that NMR plays in molecular structure determination and conformational analysis for research projects engaging chemical synthesis, chemical mixture characterization, drug design, and intermolecular interaction studies. The Department of Chemistry's NMR Facility serves the high-resolution research needs for investigators from the University of Connecticut, nearby colleges, and companies and offers several solution-state NMR instruments on a fee-for-use basis.




Vitaliy Gorbatyuk, Ph.D.

Facility Director
Chemistry R-002


Campus Address

Chemistry Building
Room R002
Storrs Campus

Mailing Address

55 North Eagleville Rd, U-3060
Storrs, CT 06269-3060



Bruker AVANCE III 400 MHz

This workhorse of the Chemistry Department is equipped with a two-channel console and a 5mm BBFO probe with 19F capability. It delivers a signal-to-noise ratio 300 for 1H, 275 for 19F, 190 for 13C, 150 for 31P, and 20 for 15N with automatic tuning and matching to selected nuclei. The AVANCE 400 is used for both one-dimensional and advanced two-dimensional experiments. It is located in the Chemistry Building, room R002.


Bruker AVANCE 300 MHz

This two-channel instrument has a 5mm BBO probe with ATM component and can be used for a broad range of nuclei. It is mostly used for routine NMR spectroscopy and for undergraduate research and education. It is located in the Chemistry Building, room R002.

Services and Rates


Services Provided by NMR Facility Manager

Services Provided by NMR Facility staff:

  • Training and consultation on the use of the instruments.
  •  Set up and collection of 1D spectra for any nuclei in the resonance frequency range between 15N-31P.
  • Set up and collection of a broad range of 2D spectra.
  • The staff provides expertise on the experiment planning and data analysis.