Center for Applied Research in Human Development (CARHD)

Center for Applied Research in Human Development

The Center for Applied Research in Human Development enables the development and application of interventions intended to improve quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. In particular, we aim to improve outcomes for sociodemographically marginalized populations by informing and evaluating interventions intended for public benefit; we do this by developing relationships with local agencies and assisting with the development, delivery, and evaluation of human service programs.


General Contact



Beth Russell, Ph.D.

Center Director

Faculty Scientific Advisers


Ronald Sabatelli, Ph.D.

Emeritus Director

Stephen Anderson, Ph.D.

Emeritus Director


Campus Address

Human Development Center 142
6 Alethia Drive, Unit 1117
Storrs, CT 06269

Mailing Address

6 Alethia Drive, Unit 1117

Storrs, CT 06269


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Services and Fees

The Center performs a number of tasks on a fee-for-service basis. These include: (1) consulting with human service programs to offer advice on research methods and the selection of evaluation instruments for evaluation projects; (2) contracting to perform data collection and analysis for human service projects; (3) conducting needs assessments for communities or programs; (4) conducting interviews and focus groups to help our community partners plan appropriate programming or evaluation; and (5) preparing research briefs, reports, presentations and infographics to communicate findings across a range of formats (e.g., content for live or online presentations).

The Center’s fee-for-service guidelines:
Data entry $25/hour
Data collection $35/hour
Survey development $50/hour
Web survey management $35/hour
Literature serach & review $50/hour
Report writing $50/hour
Research brief preparation $50/hour
Multimedia material development $50/hour
Technical assistance $50/hour
Data preparation & analysis $100/hour
Consultation $200/hour/person
Training $200/hour plus expenses/person

*Additional expenses, including administrative fees, travel expenses, and cost of materials may apply.