Center for Clean Engineering (C2E2)

Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2)

The Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2) is a multi-disciplinary research center that provides leadership in education, research and innovation of clean and efficient energy systems. C2E2 has assembled advanced energy materials and testing capabilities to support research ranging from energy conversion to fuels to power management. These capabilities are currently being provided to the UConn faculty and students to support ongoing research in all facets of energy and energy related research.


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Terry Barber-Tournaud on Feb. 6, 2020. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Teresa Barber-Tournaud

Program Director
C2E2 Room 118

Sheila Ciccone

Administrative Coordinator
C2E2 Room 119
Peter Menard on Jan. 23, 2020. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Peter Menard

Design Technician and Lab Manager
C2E2 Room 124
Garry Barnes on Jan. 16, 2020. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Garry Barnes

Specialized Design Technician
C2E2 Room 124
Mark Biron on Jan. 23, 2020. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Mark Biron

Specialized Design Technician
C2E2 Room 127


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Depot Campus

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Center for Clean Energy Engineering
44 Weaver Rd., Unit 5233
Storrs, CT 06269-5233



Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM)

This equipment is a very versatile, high resolution, low vacuum FEG SEM with extended low volume capabilities. In addition, this equipment has the unique capability that includes a 1000°C heating stage which allows samples to be heated while the user records in-situ morphological changes.


Bruker D8 Advance High Temperature X-Ray Diffractometer

This equipment is a state of the art x-ray diffraction system with high precision, two-circle goniometers with independent stepper motors and optical encoders. The goniometers are designed to operate either horizontally or vertically. In addition, the machine is equipped with a high temperature chamber that can operate to 1200 °C. This equipment is equipped with a LinxEye Detector that reduces run time and significantly aids with through put.


Arbin 50 W Fuel Cell Test Stand

For PEM Fuel Cells, Model FCTS 50H


Diablo D3163A,. 5000A

Real-time gas analyzer kit includes MS sensor software, direct sampling interface, sampling pump, and interface heater/controller and pressure sensor/controller.


Lynntech Industries Fuel Cell Test Stand

Model FCTS MTK: For testing of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC) up to 100 W.


Teledyne/Scribner Associates Model 890

See specifications for more details on three available systems.

SI Exif

Scribner Associates 896 Stack Voltage Monitor

For up to 32 cells


Lynntech Industries Stack Test Stand

Tests up to 1kW PEM Fuel Cells


Lynntech Gas Metering Unit

Model FCTS GMET: System allows for the controlling and running of single cells and small stacks


Avtron Freedom Portable Load Bank

105 KW air cooled load bank with data acquisition capabilities


Advanced Measurements 6 50 W Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Test Stand

Includes AMI custom Integrity software for control of the PXI controlles. Cell resistance and AC impedance monitoring per test stand


Data Acquisition and Analysis

The Center for Clean Energy Engineering has a wide variety of instruments available for data acquisition and analysis.  Please see the specifications for a list of some of these instruments.


Netzsch DSC HP/2/G Phoenix Dynamic High-Pressure Heat Flow Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Pressure range is vacuum to 150 bar and the temperature range is ambient to 600C (1 bar) and ambient to 450C (150bar, N2)


Netzsch STA 449 F3 Jupiter Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

TG-DCS/DTA Apparatus: Temperate range of room temperature to 1550°C


Micromeritics ASAP 2020 Automatic Chemisorption Analyzer

High performance adsorption analyzer producing research grade analytical measurements for the determination of active metal surface area and dispersion by chemical adsorption and specific surface area and pore size distribution by physical adsorption.


Agilent 7890A Series Gas Chromatograph Custom Configuration

Includes the GC with flame ionization and thermal conductivity capability along with single flame photometric detector. An agilent 7693A autoinjector with 16 sample transfer turret, mounting post and parking post. Chemstation PC bundle with 32 bit capability.


Loomis 232-16 DTM Extruder

Extrusion tonnage 16+ tons, Material cylinder (ID 2", length 8"), horizontal and vertical extrusion capability, extrusion speed (1-16 in/min) and variable pressure.


Jaygo SK6 Sigma Blade Lab Mixer

1.5 liter working capacity. Alumina coating on the contact SS parts. Adjustable blade rotation speeds (15 - 100 rpm), maximum torque up to 100mN


Excel Technologies XL42901 Nikon Epiphot Light Microscope

5-objective, inverted stage.  Includes EDIH digitial camera and video communication hardware, 3.3 million pixel digital image resolution, image capture/storage, and editing capabilities.


Netzsch STA 449 F3 Jupiter Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

For measurement of thermo coefficients of expansion, Model DIL 402 PC/2/H. Temperature range up to 1500°C.


CARVER Hydraulic Lab Press

With heated platens including 2 gauge manifold.


Systemic Automation Screen Printer

For MEA fabrication


Other Material Processing and Testing Instruments

  • Fisher Scientific Isotemp Lab Oven
  • Carver 12 Ton Lab Press
  • Denver Instrument M Series Analytical Lab Balance
    • M-310, 0 to 310 grams
  • Allied Hightech Products TechCut 4 Precision Low Speed Saw


  • Zircar Zirconia 1700C Lab Furnace
  • CM Tubes Furnaces
  • Carbolite Box Furnaces
  • MTF Single Zone Solid Tube Furnace
  • Fisher Scientific Thermolyne 21100 Furnace
  • Thermcraft
  • DC Fibertech High Temperature Furnaces

Power Conditioning and Management Instruments

  • One rack Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS)
  • Arbin 8-Channel Battery Tester
  • ABC-150 Power Processing System